Is a Trusts Lawyer Vital for Guardianship?

I am looking for a quick answer to what seems to me a simple question, but it might not be. That is why I came to this forum for an answer. Here is the situation. I am a single mother of a two year old daughter. I have no living relatives other than my older sister who is eleven years older than me. I travel a lot and I need to set up a guardianship situation for her in case something were to happen to me. My sister has agreed to be her guardian under those circumstances. Do we need a trusts lawyer in order to set up a guardianship?

Urban Clothing Styles

Urban clothing styles

One of the fastest growing markets in the fashion industry is urban and street wear, casual and comfortable clothing focussing on sneakers, jeans and t-shirts and closely associated with various subcultures such as skateboarding and hip-hop. With new street brands like appearing constantly it has evolved from the Los Angles surf culture in the early eighties into its own fashion genre, along the way brands have risen and fallen until today we have street brands known globally.

The beginning

Like any other group cultural expression, pinning down how the popularity began and grew is notoriously difficult, by its very nature street wear is constantly evolving, but what is clear is that the trend traces its routes to Los Angeles at the very beginning of the 1980’s. The most widely accepted origin for street wear is a surfboard designer from the area called Shawn Stussy, who had the idea of putting his signature graphicfrom his surfboards onto T-shirts, followed quickly by caps and shorts, in fact that signature remains the core of Stussy design philosophy today.

Starting out by selling the clothing from his car around the surfing spots of Laguna Beach, he moved on to form the Stussy clothing company, by 1990 he had expanded into Europe and opened a boutique store in New York. Much of this early success can be attributed to the brand becoming popular with a diverse array of urban subcultures, from the surfing scene it began in, through skaters and perhaps most significantly the hip hop culture, which garnered much publicity for the products.

Although it can be thought of as the original street brand, Stussy himself went to great lengths to avoid labelling his products as such, and appealing to such a wide range of subcultures is probably helped by this.